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Widener University Uses Sennheiser's Digital Mic Education Program

ImageWidener University's Communication Studies program has become the first university to participate in Sennheiser's Digital Microphone Education Program, and acquired a pair of Neumann TLM 103 D digital microphones. The school is located in Chester, Pennsylvania.  "Students need the best tools possible because I can't think of today, I have to think of 10 years from now because that's the environment in which my students will be working in," said Dwight DeWerth-Pallemeyer, the university's director of communication studies. 

What are students really buying in an education?'s Robert Niles wonders: "Will journalism education make some of the same mistakes as the journalism industry? It's a reasonable question to ask because Internet publishing threatens to roil the education industry every bit as much as it disrupted the news publishing business.  Fortunately, I've heard from several journalism educators who are eager to get into distance learning, and to find ways to use the rise of the Internet to their schools' advantage, rather than wait for the Internet to change the marketplace so radically that their schools are forced to react. But moving lectures from a classroom to the Internet is simply a medium change. Like newspapers starting websites, that won't be nearly enough for institutions of higher learning to prosper in the Internet age."

MediaStorm's 2012 Workshop Dates Announced

MediaStorm is now offering a series of workshops in 2012 involving video and multimedia storytelling.  One day multimedia storytelling workshops in Brooklyn, NY. provide an overview of multimedia storytelling approaches while engaging participants in discussion about the most appropriate ways to create a multimedia story. Through real world examples, Brian Storm will share tips and techniques to improve reporting, editing and distributing multimedia projects. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in multimedia storytelling, no experience is necessary.

LIN Announces Minority Scholarship Program for Aspiring Video Journalists

ImageLIN Media is accepting applications for its Minority Scholarship and Training Program and will award one broadcast television scholarship/ internship and one digital media scholarship/internship at the NAB Show in April.  LIN Media has been awarding two-year scholarships to ambitious students interested in a wide spectrum of fields in or relating to broadcast television since 1998. LIN says the scholarships are "an integral part of the Company's strategy to strengthen its talent base and deepen connections within its local communities by building on the cultural diversity of its workforce."

Alliance for Women in Media & Verizon Launch Student Competition on Internet Safety

Winning Student Will Receive $2,500 to Create a Short Video on Internet Safety
ImageThe Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) Foundation and Verizon announced today a student contest that will focus on a critical topic in today’s society: Internet safety for teens.  This competition will challenge students to create a 60-second video examining Internet safety. ..."This contest with AWM is aimed to engage students and empower them to educate their peers on healthy, responsible use of the Internet in a language other youths understand."