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Canon Announces Educational Events For Video Journalists

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the 2013 Canon Live Learning (CLL) workshops and programs schedule. The on-site education program, now in its fourth year, is aimed at helping both advanced imaging enthusiasts and professionals elevate their knowledge of photography, filmmaking, and the technologies within Canon's professional imaging and printing devices. CLL programs feature the EOS Immersion Seminars, EOS Destination Workshops, and Canon Professional Development Seminars and Workshops. Each of the programs offer an educational experience that will provide informative classes and hands-on instruction by a number of imaging professionals including Canon's Explorers of Light (EOL). 

Cineversity Introduces 200 Tutorials Focused on 3D Animation

ImageMAXON, the leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, has announced the availability of a 3D filmmaking tutorial series for users of Cineversity, MAXON USA's online education and training resource.  Created by Dr. Ing. V. Sassmannshausen, a computer animator and 3D authority better known as Dr. Sassi, JETProduction Notes is one of the most comprehensive collections of instructional videos and tutorials ever created documenting the entire 3D animation filmmaking process from conception to execution. 

Platypus Workshops Announce 2013 Schedule

ImageThe Platypus video storytelling workshops will be held at the Santa Fe Workshops in Santa Fe, NM on May 16-24; the Brooks Institute in Ventura, CA on Aug. 17-24 and at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME on Oct 13-19.  A 21st century digital storyteller has to be producer, writer, camera, sound, editor and everything else rolled into one.  Just like the millennia-old Platypus, a mashup of otter, duck and beaver, has evolved and survived, so must the modern photojournalist.  The Platypus workshops is unique as it teaches you to how to find a story, how to shoot DSLR video, how to interview, how to shoot video sequences that keep your audience enthralled and how to edit it all together.  

Full Sail Offers Master's Degree in Journalism

ImageFull Sail University in Winter Park, Florida is offering a new online Master's Degree in Journalism.  "Today's reporters need the flexibility to tell their stories across multiple platforms, and the knowledge of media tools to maximize the impact of their work," the school said in announcing the new program. "Whether you're an established journalist looking to update your skill set, or a born communicator ready to enter the industry, Full Sail's New Media Journalism master's program can introduce you to the newest tools of the trade."  The program curriculum combines the principles of traditional journalism with the newest advances in communication technology.

The Future of Media in a Single Word

Zack AriasThose who refer to themselves as professional videographers are standing on shifting ground. Tried and true jobs and clients are disappearing, and paying work is getting harder to find. There's considerable nervousness across the land.  So what's the future for video? Or better put, what's the future for all media? How will people that make images for hire generate money in this stark new world economy?   Photoshelter, the New York City-based company that creates websites for media people, sponsored the Luminance conference last week (Sept. 12 & 13). It brought together for two days luminaries from the world of photography, video, multimedia and publishing to examine the future of the media business. Questions about the future were repeatedly asked.