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High School Journalism Convention

ImageThe National High School Journalism Convention is a semiannual gathering of high school journalists and advisers sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and its partner, the National Scholastic Press Association. The associations partner to prepare hundreds of practical and professional learning sessions, from high-profile keynotes to specific, problem-solving breakouts, hands-on workshops and discussion groups. Other convention activities include an exhibit hall with vendors who sell to student media, JEA's on-site Write-off contests, NSPA's Best of Show contest, receptions, awards convocations, critiques, career roundtables and evening entertainment. The next one is Nov. 6-9 in Washington, D.C. Don't miss it.

J-Schools Reboot For Next-Generation Needs

ImageThose summer interns who just arrived in newsrooms across the nation may be enrolled in journalism schools, but the schools likely little resemble the j-schools their supervisors attended.  Journalism education -- much like journalism itself -- is in the middle of a massive reboot, one with the potential to redefine how news is produced and consumed in the decades to come. Students still learn the basics, but computer coding and entrepreneurship often are taught alongside copy editing and beat reporting. Digital is the default, and the most innovative schools are churning out students with skills newsrooms may not yet know how to use.  "Right in that first journalism class, they're going to be posting on the Web," says Mary T. Rogus, associate professor of electronic journalism at Ohio University. "They learn to shoot and edit video. They're starting out their freshman year being exposed to multiple tools, which is how we have to think of the platforms -- just another tool to tell a story."

The Changing TV News Landscape

The news programs that Americans watch on national cable channels and their local television stations have changed significantly in recent years while the network evening newscasts have remained remarkably stable, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. On cable, the news structure of the three channels the mix of interviews, packaged segments and live coverage has changed. After relying on significantly distinct formats five years ago, the three rivals now look strikingly similar. At the same time, some of the differences that demarcated daytime cable from prime time have also eroded in the past five years.

San Jose State Upgrades Production at Journalism School

ImageAdvanced Broadcast Solutions, a video and audio systems integration firm based in SeaTac, Wash., has been chosen to upgrade all of the video production facilities for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif. ABS will design, procure, and install the system. Budgeted at more than $600,000, the project will include an overhaul of the television studio, control room and a separate newsroom "flashcam" location in the new converged newsroom in Dwight Bentel Hall. 

Tricks of the Entertainment Reporting Trade From Someone Who Knows

ImageMediabistro's Celebrity and Entertainment Reporting course starting online February 19 teaches aspiring entertainment journalists how to successfully cover the industry today. As the Entertainment Director for both Life & Style and In Touch magazines, instructor Jordi Lippe has made a career of covering the lives of the rich and famous.  Whether she's reporting on breaking news stories or writing a feature article about the hottest celebrity, Lippe is rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite.