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Final Cut Pro X Tries to Look to the Future, While Leaving Behind a Noisy Legacy

ImageIf you are an editor starting a career, Apple's new Final Cut Pro X is probably a dream come true. If you're a long-time working editor with a lot of legacy programming, the new software is probably a nightmare.  Since it was released on June 21, reaction on both sides to Apple's new version of the application has been loud and strong.

Building A Final Cut Pro X System

ImageFor years, people have asked questions about how to build Final Cut Pro systems:

  • What kind of Mac should I edit with?
  • Do I need a tower?
  • How much RAM should I buy?
  • What kind of storage space do I need?
  • What graphics card should I get?

Video Journalist Uses CoreMelt Plug-in To Support The Cause

ImageShawn Ahmed is a professional filmmaker, citizen journalist and charitable Organizer who founded the global poverty focused video blog "The Uncultured Project" to further the cause of helping people in impoverished countries. The first thing he'll tell you is: "you can't move people [to care and donate] with bad footage." 

Apple Shakes Up Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

ImageApple has demonstrated a preview of the 64-bit upgrade to its popular Final Cut Pro editing system, which―when coupled with its new Thunderbolt technology on MacBook Pro laptops―is set to cause a major shakeup in mobile editing.

Singular Software Has Its DualEyes On The Mac

ImageSingular Software‚ a developer of workflow automation applications for digital media, announced that its DualEyes software is now available for Mac OS X. DualEyes is a standalone application for the automatic synchronization of video and audio clips for dual-system audio production.