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Roland's New Portable Audio and Video Mixer Streams Live, Runs on Batteries and Weighs Under Five Pounds

ImageTalk about innovative products. Roland has introduced the VR-3, a new combo video switcher, audio mixer, preview monitors and streaming-ready USB output all in a single unit weighing under five pounds.  As a USB video/audio class device, web streaming is accomplished by connecting the device to a computer running a live streaming service such as USTREAM, Livestream, Stickam,,,, etc.  It can handle resolutions up to 1366 x 768.

AJA Video Ships Thunderbolt I/O Box

ImageAJA Video Systems, a maker of professional video conversion devices, is now shipping a professional I/O box called the Io XT with dual Thunderbolt ports, 10-bit up-, down- and cross-conversion in hardware, uncompressed capture, monitoring and mastering, eight-channel SDI audio I/O, analog component and composite output, HDMI input and output (including 3D) and 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 HD and SD formats among other features.

SourceYourCity Connects Freelancers with Local "Experts"

ImageSourceYourCity is a new service designed to connect freelance reporters with local experts through confidential news sourcing in real-time.  Unlike other services that connect reporters with experts on a national level, SourceYourCity focuses on making local connections.  To achieve this, the company designed a platform that gives reporters control over their communications with an audience of experts located in their own city.  

Digital Film Tools Helps Videographers and Photographers 'reFine' Images

ImageDigital Film Tools, a developer of visual effects software, has announced the release of reFine with plug-in support for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Aperture, Adobe After Effects CS5 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up, Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X, Apple Motion 5 and Avid editing systems.

Compatibility Assured As Thunderbolt Goes All-Fiber

ImageThunderbolt, introduced as a new high-speech port on Apple Macintosh computers last February, will continue to advance to fiber with complete compatibility to existing computers, Intel said.  Intel said an all-fiber version of its Thunderbolt technology is coming next year and it will remain compatible with Apple's already shipping copper-based technology on new 2011 models.