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UPitch App Helps Video Journalists Identify Trending Stories

ImageThere's a new app called UPitch that helps video journalists find and report on stories from around the world, in a wide variety of categories. It's now available on the App Store!

Simply download the UPitch app (at, put in your industry category filter(s), swipe through micro-pitches (400 characters) and discover great news stories and/or products to cover.

The UPitch app is free for everyone. It's a utility for journalists across all media categories to interact and connect with stories and news announcements from PR Pros, Businesses, Organizations and People. It enables journalists to swipe anonymously through concisely crafted pitches consisting of: headline, summary, 400 characters & images on an easy and convenient mobile platform. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Publicists/Companies/Organizations/People upload a pitch to UPitch, using UPitch's preset template; they choose their industry categories using the app's filters.
  2. Journalists log in, choose your filters, and anonymously swipe through brief pitches relevant to what you cover. Swipe left on pitches you aren't interested in and swipe right on pitches you want to pursue as stories. 
  3. Once you swipe right on a pitch, both journalist/blogger and "pitcher" can communicate and coordinate directly, via UPitch in-app messenger.

Fellow journalists from the following outlets have downloaded the UPitch app: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Toronto Star, Palm Beach Post, The Forward, Time Warner Cable News, CNN, ABC News, FOX News, CBS News, Associated Press, SheKnows, AskMen, VOGUE Italia, Forbes, National Geographic, ZDNet, The Rachael Ray Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Cumulus/IHeartMedia/Clear Channel radio stations, The Daily Meal, HuffPost, Rodale, Inc., Philadelphia Daily News, Al Jazeera, San Francisco Business Times, and Boston Herald.

The company also reports more than 500+ boutique and large PR firms across all industries, brands, artists and non-profits, have pitched their stories on the UPitch app. 

UPitch is currently available for iPhone and all IOS platforms. An Android version is coming in early 2016.

Download on the App Store at and start discovering pitches and news items to write about.