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Datavideo Helps Produce HD Titles In The Field

ImageA company in Whittier, Calif. called Datavideo Corporation has developed a new highly portable device that allows video journalists to use its CG popular software connected to this special device to produce their own on-screen titles and other effects with a laptop computer in the field. They say expensive, high-end graphics cards are no longer necessary for assembling a fine quality CG system. At, we couldn't agree more.

It's done with a small title creator box called the TC-200, which is compatible with all of Datavideo'€™s CG software. The box accepts an HDMI signal from a laptop computer and can either downstream or upstream key.

The TC-200 is equipped with a free basic CG software application called CG-200, which is capable of creating lower thirds, text crawls, and scrolls. Datavideo offers a variety of CG software for all levels so if more features are necessary CG-250, CG-300, CG-350, or CG-500 can be purchased in addition to use with the TC-200.

"Adding graphics and titles to your field production is easier now than ever with the TC-200," said Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo U.S. He added that users simply install their choice of Datavideo CG software on a PC laptop, connect it to the TC-200 via HDMI connection, "and you are ready to go live."

The Datavideo TC-200 costs $780 and provides the perfect complement for any video journalists looking to transmit "finished" video directly from their laptop in the field, complete with titles and other key words that help tell the story.

Datavideo provides complete production and streaming solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. This year, Datavideo celebrates 30 years of serving the broadcast news market.

For more information on the CG software, visit the company's website.