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Vizrt Student License Program

Vizrt Helps Video Journalism Students Learn Graphics Creation With New Starter Program

ImageViz Artist designers are some of the most sought after broadcast designers in the world. Vizrt is offering a special program for all aspiring broadcast designers to give their careers a head start in the media industry.

The Vizrt Student License Program is offered to both freelancers and students (enrolled to educational institutions). The program has been created to provide special pricing for Viz Artist, Vizrt’s real-time 3D modeling and animation application that is used to design scenes for all of Vizrt’s graphics products. Using specially licensed software and a series of tutorials, you will become an expert in what’s become the design standard for broadcast.

The Vizrt Student License Program includes:

  • Discounted pricing for Viz Artist
  • Viz Artist software download
  • Viz Artist hardware key
  • Viz Artist 1-year license with option to renew
  • Access to online training course

The Vizrt Student License Program costs 500 USD for freelancers for one year. Renewal of the license is 250 USD (for one year). A refund of 50 USD is given upon return of the hardware key. A special price of 100 USD for one year is offered to students enrolled to an educational institution. Renewal of the license is 50 USD (for one year). Same refund of 50 USD applies.

The Viz Artist student license allows you to read and write scenes in a special format with a watermark rendered output. Archives can be saved and used professionally with an upgrade to the full version of Viz Artist.

Terms and conditions:

  • Vizrt will verify that the application is valid. Normal processing time is one (1) week.
  • Vizrt provides limited support for the Viz Artist software. Vizrt does not provide and is not liable for hardware with Viz Artist software installed.
  • Content created using the student license is for training use only.
  • A full version of Viz Artist must be purchased if scenes are to be used for professional or monetary gain. Misuse will lead to immediate withdrawal of the Vizrt license and possible legal action and return of the Viz Artist hardware key.
  • Software is Windows only.
  • Hardware key will be shipped after payment has been made.

For more information, visit