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Out And About With Hammer & Anvil's New MK ENG 600 Shotgun Mic

ImageHey all, Jake here, audio products reviewer for VJT. This month I'm taking a look at Hammer & Anvil's new MK ENG 600 Shotgun microphone. The ENG 600 comes from the company's new line of HDSLR professional audio production tools that equip the up-and-coming Video Journalist with everything he or she could need when trying to capture audio for video. The ENG 600 has all the features of an amazing professional shotgun microphone. Measuring 15 inches in length, the ENG 600 is surprisingly lightweight, which makes it perfect for all day shoots, whether following behind a shooter, or attaching to the top of your camera with the microphone's shock mount.

Out And About With Arm and Anvil's New MK ENG 600 Shotgun Mic

By Jake Grotticelli

New Theta Camera Takes Spherical View

ImageA couple of months ago, I was intrigued by a new 360 spherical camera that I immediately realized would allow video journalists to enhance certain news stories, especially on station web sites and perhaps as huge images for projection on the background of news studio sets. Ricoh, the company making the new Theta camera, had the same idea for news acquisition and sponsored a contest called "Spherical Report 360" that asked journalists and wannabe journalists to post 360 degree images on a website controlled by CNN. The purpose of the project is to explore new expression methods and possibilities for news images by using the very simple, pocket-sized Ricoh Theta camera..


Review of Bose QuietComfort 20i Headphones


As a longtime owner of Bose QuietComfort 15 noise cancelling, over-the-ear headphones, I liked the technology and was pleased to learn of a new model coming with improved noise cancelling circuitry in a much smaller in-ear version. When the new Bose QuietComfort 20i phones were introduced at a demo of the headphones at a Bose event in New York City several weeks ago, I knew immediately that I wanted a pair. I ordered them when they became available in early September. Though I like the quality and comfort level, my main issue with the larger Model 15 headphones was size. They were simply too large and bulky to have on me all the time. So I relegated them for home use and they were terrific.

Mikey Digital: Big Audio Recording Power In A Small Package

ImageI am a working studio producer and audio engineering teacher and I always need to record.  Whether it be in the studio teaching or quickly composing a song on the go, my life is full of miniature musical mementos that I need to capture.  The Mikey Digital iPhone microphone by Blue Microphones does everything I need and more... But the setup is beautifully simple, with snap in and record functionality. 

Rolls MX410 Brings Low-Cost Field Mixer for Videomakers

ImageThe new MX410 from Rolls, priced on the street at about $270, is a four-channel microphone mixer with some professional features for videographers on a budget. It's not perfect, but comes a long way toward offering many of the essential features needed to make usable video with audio in the field.  It weighs only 2.45 pounds, though it's in a solid, all-metal case. The size is convenient, at nine by 6.75 by 1.5 inches. Included is a case, though it may cover up labels on the mixer's case and limit easy access to some controls.  

$36 Sescom Cable Helps Solve DSLR Audio Monitoring Issues

ImageWhen I bought my Panasonic DMC-GH2 camera, I really wasn't thinking about using it for video. Then―boom―it hit me how good the camera is both for stills and video and how it makes a very, very compact video package that I can carry anywhere.  It was the light weight and low light picture quality that first attracted me, but I was soon rethinking video. Being of the old school, however, one thing bothered me. I couldn't monitor the sound. The DSLR manufacturers―for their own reasons―refused to put headphone monitoring jacks on this category of cameras.

Pogoplug Biz Perfect for Exchanging Video Files

ImageWhen San Francisco's Cloud Engines first introduced its Pogoplug device, it was a great way for consumers to share large files across the Internet without having to use FTP or a paid sharing service. However, it was really for personal use since it lacked many needed security features to protect content for business use.

Now, the company has introduced Pogoplug Biz – a new version of the Pogoplug that deals with these issues and makes it ideal for videographers who must distribute large files to clients.