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For Imagemaker Matthew Cherry, Anton/Bauer Batteries are Essential

ImageMatthew Cherry, owner and director of Matthew Cherry Studios, is a photographer and cinematographer who has worked in independent films and corporate video, as well as commercial photography. Matthew draws his inspiration from a wide range of sources, most notably Italian and French cinema, American Film Noir and American jazz artists of the 40s and 50s.  Cherry has been creating compelling images for over twenty years. Always fascinated by form and light, he combines high production values with his cinematic storytelling to evoke an emotional response to his imagery. His documentary work has taken him throughout North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

SourceYourCity Connects Freelancers with Local "Experts"

ImageSourceYourCity is a new service designed to connect freelance reporters with local experts through confidential news sourcing in real-time.  Unlike other services that connect reporters with experts on a national level, SourceYourCity focuses on making local connections.  To achieve this, the company designed a platform that gives reporters control over their communications with an audience of experts located in their own city.  

Size Matters: Sky News Beijing Bureau Cameraman Andy Portch Reports On a Year With the Panasonic AF101 and GH2 Cameras

ImageA full size HD broadcast camera is picture perfect and looks impressive. The large camera also screams "TV Crew" and too often gives a 'warped' view as people react to the big camera or simply turn it away. My previous experience shooting news with the Canon 5D mkII was a visual triumph, but the paraphernalia and workflow was overwhelming. I want to keep the big camera craft, but in compact form.  Twelve months ago the Micro four thirds (MFT) system caught my eye. The Panasonic AF101 and smaller GH2 stills/video hybrid cameras are cross compatible, sharing lenses and shooting the same AVCHD format. The AF101 is also significantly cheaper and smaller than the alternative Sony F3.

Cinematographer James Mathers Covets Anton/Bauer Batteries

ImageWhenever cinematographer James Mathers needs reliable and durable power solutions to bring his film projects to life, he chooses Anton/Bauer's batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems.  He has used the product line for three decades.  Mathers is known for his work on indie features such as The Chicago Eight, starring Gary Cole, Danny Masterson and Orlando Jones; Montana Amazon, starring Olympia Dukakis and Haley Joel Osment; and the upcoming thriller Brake, starring Stephen Dorff. 

And, We Have Gotten Used to It

ImageOne of Bud Benjamin's dreams was to expand the CBS Evening News to a full hour. And Bud wasn't thinking of filling it with helicopter shots, celebrity gossip and punditry. He imagined an entire hour brimming with investigative reporting, exposés and dispatches from around the world. It was a different time in journalism. A time when professional duty was patriotic, and the freedom of the press motivated and inspired newsrooms. I know it is hard to believe - but it's true - newsrooms were not supposed to turn a profit. Frankly, news was considered an acceptable loss on the balance sheet.

Novice Filmmaker Shoots Project for Under $300, Gives It Away Online Free For a Weekend

ImageMemory Lane is an independent thriller shot for only $300 about a war-veteran who travels between our world and the afterlife in search of his fiancé's killer—by stopping and starting his own heart.  It was made by Shawn Holmes, the youngest nominee in the history of the West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year Award.

Cinematographer Finds that Angenieux Optimo DP Lenses Suit Reality Shooting

ImageReality shows have become a programming staple in the entertainment industry on both cable and network television. Because of the style and serialized format, shooting requires a slightly different approach than traditional studio television productions such as sitcoms and talk shows. Reality includes more hand-held shots, multicam shooting and a faster pace.  Greg Matthews, a director of photography (DP) for Freemantle Media N.A. and Blue Orbit Productions, is an early pioneer of reality show cinematography and has helped establish accepted shooting styles for the genre.

Meet Dan Oshinsky: Reynolds Fellow to chronicle his entrepreneurial startup in journalism

ImageAs a freshman at the University of Missouri, Dan Oshinsky traveled to New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina victims rebuild their damaged houses. "I was just shocked at how much damage happened," he says.   "They were not getting the coverage they deserved." So he decided to become a one-man newsroom and return to the Katrina story. 

JVC Camcorders Used on Miss Universe World Tour

ImageMiss Universe travels an estimated 250,000 miles each year visiting dozens of countries, and most of her appearances over the past three years have been documented with JVC GY-HM100U ProHD handheld camcorders.  

The GY-HM100U provides a balance of image quality, portability, durability and ease of use, along with the advantages of a file-based workflow," said Colin Hornett, director of Digital Multimedia at the Miss Universe Organization.

Cyclist Documentary Spans Two Continents

ImageMonths of perpetual flat tires and busted bicycle chains didn't stop deepeei Film Productions from completing the highly-acclaimed cycling documentary Going South, which follows two teams of two cyclists each―one in North America and one in South America―who journey across 17,000 miles collectively through 17 countries on either side of the equator in search of ways to combat environmental issues such as global warming and climate change.