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Firmware Upgrade for JVC ProHD Video Journalists Cameras Now Available

ImageJVC Professional Products Company is offering a free version 3.0 firmware upgrade for its GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 mobile news cameras, that’s readily available through the JVC website.  For both cameras, the upgrade includes 1080p/60 recording modes, Extreme High Quality (XHQ) recording with virtually lossless 50 Mbps H.264 (.MOV), and large file support for SDXC media cards. The firmware upgrade adds Zixi advanced streaming capabilities and live RTSP/RTP format streaming to the GY-HM650.

KATC Multimedia Journalists Transmit Live HD Reports with Mobile News Camera

ImageKATC, the ABC affiliate in Lafayette, La. (DMA #122), is using JVC's GY-HM650 ProHD mobile news camera as part of a multimedia journalist (MMJ) kit to provide live HD reports from the field. The camera has typically been coupled with a Verizon 4G LTE mobile hotspot for live shots two or three times per week. "It's just easier than some of the other systems out there," explained Don Mouton, Jr., chief engineer, KATC Communications, Inc. "I don't need the hassle or added expense of five modems in a backpack system to get a signal back to the station. I can get the same results in the field with our JVC camera and a hotspot shoved in a shirt pocket. It's more affordable and so convenient."

JVC Offers ProHD Camcorders With Integrated Live Streaming for Video Journalists

ImageJVC Professional Products Company, has unveiled two new ProHD shoulder-mount camcorders--the GY-HM890 and GY-HM850--that deliver full 1920x1080 HD image capture; while a built-in streaming engine, FTP and 4G LTE connectivity allows live HD transmission directly from the camera without the need for external bonded cellular solutions. The new cameras also feature a new interchangeable Fujinon 20x autofocus zoom lens and three 1/3-inch (2.07 megapixel) CMOS sensors. The imagers provide 12-bit readout, F11 sensitivity (60Hz), and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The new Fujinon wide-angle 20x zoom lens features auto focus, built-in optical image stabilization, and chromatic aberration correction. The interchangeable 1/3-inch bayonet lens also includes manual focus, zoom, and iris rings. "We believe the future is with the live video streaming and FTP service fully integrated into the camera, as demonstrated with the new GY-HM890 and GY-HM850," explained Edgar Shane.

Tiffen's New CURVE Steadies the Action for GoPro Camera Users

ImageThe Tiffen Company has unveiled its new Steadicam Curve camera stabilizer system for users of the GoPro HERO compact video camera. Besides personal sports action shots, the rig helps video journalists operate their GoPro camera with one hand. The small Curve rig, which weighs in at a mere half-pound, made its debut at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas. Its compact form factor gives GoPro HERO users the freedom to shoot shake-free video using Steadicam's legendary stabilization technology with clever options to lock the camera to frame, using it as a handgrip for rock-solid performance on the wildest of adventures.

Schneider iPro Lenses Help Video Journalists Get the Shot With Smartphones and Tablets

ImageSchneider Optics' line of five interchangeable iPro lenses for smartphones has expanded its offerings to include more devices, such as the iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S4, and iPad Mini. Designed by professional lens and filter maker, Schneider Optics, the iPro Lens System enables journalists of all skills to capture professional quality photographic and video imagery with smartphones and iPads using Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto lenses. The iPro Lens System's professional optics are simple to use, easy to handle, and smartly self-storing in an integral black case that doubles as a handle.

Sony Unveils New Handheld HD Camcorder with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Easy Video Sharing

ImageSony's new HXR-NX3 professional handheld HD camcorder includes useful features like Wi-Fi capability and MP4 recording for seamless connectivity with computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It will be available in January 2014 for a suggested list price of $3,495. As the latest addition to Sony's NXCAM line, the compact HXR-NX3 model combines superior lens and sensor technology with a new large-scale integration (LSI) chip. The result is advanced noise reduction and distortion correction technologies to handle image processing, allowing clear, low-noise recordings even in low light with enhanced texture and detail. "Video professionals need to deliver content for the web and mobile platforms, as well as traditional production applications," said Chiyoko Yannette, senior marketing manager for Sony Electronics' Professional Solutions of America group. "The HXR-NX3 is flexible enough to handle any videographer's needs, and is destined to become the next 'go to' camcorder for handheld field production, combining high-quality performance, adaptability and ease of use."             

UNC-Charlotte Adopts Dejero Bonded Cellular Technology For Video Journalists

ImageThe broadcast communications department of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte has deployed a bonded cellular transmitter from Dejero to capture pregame video for the opening game of the first football season in the school's history. The system uses readily available cellular networks to send video from the camera to a receiver quickly and reliably. The student news crew was then able to leverage the university's Ethernet network to transmit the HD video back to the UNC Charlotte studio. The technology can be used to bring live and recorded video back to the studio from any location on campus or within the city Charlotte. And the school can now include remote live shots in its broadcasts, a capability not possible before due to cost.

Learfield Sports and LiveU Partner for Live Video Production in College Athletics

ImageLearfield Sports has introduced LiveU--the portable live video-over-cellular solution--as its newest preferred provider for college sports programming. The collaboration will provide LiveU a greater opportunity for exposure in college sports with instant access to the more than 50 institutions and associations Learfield Sports represents. Learfield has owned multimedia rights to leading collegiate programs throughout the country for four decades, and has prominence in all of the major athletic conferences. The pairing also paves the way for volume discounting for Learfield partner schools and an unprecedented opportunity for them to stream more live content via the schools' official digital platforms including websites and mobile applications.  The content can be repurposed for use in other video distribution, including social media and coaches' shows.

Mastor Technology Offers Stabilized Action Cam and Smartphone Mounts for Cameras

ImageKeeping consumer video cameras steady is difficult because of their small size and lack of weight. Because of this, Mastor Technology has created the Cheetah-CH1 and Greyhound-GR1 handheld stabilizers that automatically pan, tilt, pitch and roll a camera to counteract and cancel out any unwanted motion. The stabilizers are designed to accommodate either GoPro style cameras or various smartphones. They employ adjustable mounts and feature a built-in lightweight rechargeable battery so users can easily hold the camera in one hand for longer shots.

GoPro Launches HERO3+

ImageGoPro has announced the availability of its new HERO3+ line of cameras, featuring a 20 percent smaller and lighter design and 30 percent better battery life than previous models. These upgrades combine with an improved lens and new video capture modes. Several new mounting accessories were also announced that further enables immersive content capture during any activity. GoPro has enabled an era of self-documentation where people can now wear or mount miniature ultra wide-angle GoPro cameras to record themselves doing just about anything, anywhere. The result is a surge of immersive user-generated and professional content made possible by the versatility and affordability of GoPro's cameras and accessories.