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RED Delivers First EPIC Camera

ImageBeating the year-end deadline, RED has delivered the first custom-made EPIC-M camera to OffHollywood Studio co-founder Mark Pederson. The 5K resolution camera is already being tested in a live shoot at Niagara Falls.

RED is selling the special initial run for $58,000 with a REDMAG SSD reader, four 128GB SSD cards and a REDMOTE for controlling the shot. More of the first batch should ship in early 2011.

Grass Valley Markets Compact LCD Color Viewfinder

ImageGrass Valley  ( now offers a new 7-inch LCD color viewfinder for its LDK Series high-definition camera line that gives operators a bright, sharp high-resolution image with additional functionality to help with focus and set-up.

The new LDK 5307 can be used with all current Grass Valley HD system cameras, such as the LDK 3000, LDK 4000 Elite, the LDK 8000 Series, and the LDK 8300 Super SloMo camera. In general use, the LDK 5307 image is high contrast with easily adjustable brightness and color temperature to allow the operator to set the screen to suit individual tastes and requirements. It also boasts a one-touch zoom with 1:1 pixel matching for precision focusing.

Anton/Bauer offers high-current battery

ImageDesigned to meet the increased power requirements of today's on-camera lights and other accessories, Anton/Bauer's lithium ion-based Dionic HC cell pack offers 85 watt-hour capacity and a built-in LCD real-time gauge tracks up to nine hours of run time.  Each battery includes a seven-segment numerical icon display that indicates hours while a series of circular arcs illustrate 15-minute time intervals. 

Telecast Fiber Systems develops new camera-mounted fiber transceiver for ENG

ImageLooking to make it easy and cost-effective for ENG and SNG crews to cover the news in HD without the distance limitations, weight, or worry of copper cable, Telecast Fiber Systems has introduced its new CopperHead 3050 to its CopperHead Series 3000 family of camera-mounted fiber optic transceivers—which allows TV journalists to cover breaking news with the highest quality HD video and pristine audio over thousands of feet of lightweight and inexpensive tactical fiber cable.