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Dejero Supports Live Coverage Throughout The Summer Olympic Games

ImageDejero, a provider of cloud managed technology for the live transmission of video over IP networks, will be providing on-site support at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Broadcasters and independent video journalists will be able to rent, lease or buy systems to boost their coverage. With athletes from 206 countries competing, this summer's Games will demand rich coverage from all of the broadcasters in Rio. Dejero helps get the right shots in the right places through its IP network connectivity options, allowing camera crews and journalists to pick their best locations to deliver live feeds back to their broadcast facilities and to viewers around the world.

TVU Networks Cellular Transmission Gets the Word Out For The Big Game

ImageAt the annual Opening Night (formerly known as Media Day) proceeding this year's Super Bowl 50 telecast live from Levi Stadium, in Santa Clara, Calif., nearly two dozen media outlets sent their Video Journalists--both professionals and student journalists--to cover the chaos that is Media Day with nothing more than a camera, microphone and bonded cellular video transmission system from TVU Networks. The system is packaged inside a backpack for easy portability, making it easy to maneuver through the crowds of reporters and video journalists inside a stadium. TVU Networks is effectively positioned to provide on-location and on-demand service and support for its full line of IP based live video transmission solutions.

Comrex Unveils New Way To Connect Via Modem

ImageFor journalists working live from the field, connecting to 4G/LTE networks in order to get the story back to the station (or live on air) is a must. These networks are easy to find, easy to connect to, and are often the best tool for pulling off a broadcast in a remote location. They have literally redefined the way remote broadcasts are done. However, data carriers such as Verizon and AT&T are placing fewer resources into designing and supporting their 4G/LTE modems. Comrex, a maker of bonded cellular video transmitters for sending video from the field, is addressing this with its new Comrex Connect Modem in order to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters.

WEHT-WTVW Eyewitness News Relies on Bonded Cellular Technology To get The News First

ImageABC affiliate WEHT-WTVW, based in Evansville, Indiana, recently covered a breaking news story that took an unexpected turn and required live video capture and transmission, as station Chief Photographer, John Simpson was on the scene, without traditional live broadcast capability. "Breaking news, by definition, can be chaotic as all of the information comes in," said Bob Freeman, WEHT-WTVW News Director. "Everyday, we use our TVUPack to cover stories throughout the area and on that particular day, WEHT-WTVW Chief Photographer, John Simpson was armed with only his camera gear and his smartphone as the news of a bus accident broke. What began as a story of a bus running into the terminal and being several hours behind schedule evolved into another story about an aspiring college basketball player. While we and our competitors were covering the bus accident, John came across another story there but, in order to do it, he needed to be able to broadcast it live."

Zylight Delivers the Newz For Video Journalists

ImageZylight is now shipping Newz, a compact LED on-camera light with barn doors and a novel articulated arm that can position its 60-degree beam spread more directly at a subject. Describing the Newz LED as a "soft but punchy" dimmable whitelight with true color reproduction that features variable color temperatures from tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K), Zylight is aiming the palm-size accessory at run-and-gun video journalists that need a heat-free, low-power LED source in an all-in-one package.

LIVE+ NewsBook Software From Dejero Now Allows BGAN-HDR and Bonding for Live Video Streaming

ImageUse of Dejero Software With New Bonded HDR Service via BGAN Gives Customers Twice the Bandwidth for Transmitting Video From Remote Locations
Bonded cellular system provider Dejero has released an update of its LIVE+ NewsBook software for Mac notebooks, enabling users to bond portable Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals to produce a live stream greater than 1 Mbps of video. This newest Inmarsat L-band service provides additional Internet connectivity and enables live video streaming from anywhere in the world covered by BGAN's satellite network, including extremely remote locations where no other network connections are available. Dejero's LIVE+ NewsBook transforms a Mac notebook into a highly versatile "go-anywhere" video uplink solution.

San Francisco's KRON Launches Drone

ImageSan Francisco station KRON has added Quadcopter 4 to its newsgathering toolkit. TVNewscheck reports the drone is flown by newscast director Mark Burnette. "It's great to get out of the control room and use my skills as a pilot for the station in this exciting, new way," Burnette said.

Getting Immersive With VR: Jaunt makes a push for 360-degree video

ImageImagine being ABC News reporter Alexander Marquardt, reporting from a war zone in the Syrian capital of Damascus, apprising viewers of what he sees around him. Basically, that's what TV reporters do. But is it, really? That question has arisen more in the past year or so, because not only can a reporter working with a virtual reality (VR) camera still report about their surroundings, they can capture the 360-degree survey of the scene and bring the viewer along while doing so. That's where companies like Palo Alto, Calif.-based Jaunt enter the picture.

"MOJO: The Mobile Journalism Handbook" -- the long-awaited book dedicated to mobile journalism

ImageMOJO: The Mobile Journalism Handbook is the first book devoted specifically to training citizens, journalism students and media professionals to produce professional-quality videos with only a mobile device. As journalism becomes increasingly competitive, students and emerging professionals need a broader skillset to make themselves more employable, whether as mainstream or entrepreneurial journalists. This book by Dr. Ivo Burum and Dr. Stephen Quinn, world experts in mobile journalism, provides comprehensive coverage of all the skills and practices needed to be a mobile journalist.

New LiveShot Firmware Adds Peer-To-Peer Connections

ImageComrex Corporation, based in Devens, Mass., has released a new firmware version for its flagship IP video codec, LiveShot that adds peer-to-peer collaboration and the ability to better manage multiple Comrex LiveShot devices in the field from a central location (e.g., the TV station). This new version (1.4) introduces peer-to-peer connecting via Switchboard for allowing LiveShot users to mix and match hardware easily. SwitchBoard server, a cloud server maintained by Comrex, delivers an active list of other LiveShots in the fleet and allows simplified connection to any of them.