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Pogoplug Biz Perfect for Exchanging Video Files

ImageWhen San Francisco's Cloud Engines first introduced its Pogoplug device, it was a great way for consumers to share large files across the Internet without having to use FTP or a paid sharing service. However, it was really for personal use since it lacked many needed security features to protect content for business use.

Now, the company has introduced Pogoplug Biz – a new version of the Pogoplug that deals with these issues and makes it ideal for videographers who must distribute large files to clients. The Pogoplug Biz allows clients and customers to upload films, view and download files and stream multimedia. Co-workers can do project collaboration, create training libraries and also stream multimedia.

The new Pogoplug Biz has four USB 2.0 ports and can handle up to four hard drives or flash media devices. It can also handle printers.  Simply plug in the AC adapter and connect the gigabit Ethernet jack of the Pogoplug into your router.  (You can alternatively add Wi-Fi with a $29 optional adapter.)

Pogoplugs have always been very simple to set-up, and the Biz version is no different. Cloud Engines claims it can be done in 60 seconds or less, and I'd have to agree. One goes online to, creates an account and uses the online wizard.  The site automatically detects the device and its serial number.  It is quick and easy.

On any Pogoplug, the users can access any drive attached via a USB port from any web browser, or use free applications for an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Palm smartphone. However, the Biz version goes beyond that.

It supports multiple users.  Each can have a dedicated storage folder with a custom email address. Videographers can create a folder for individual clients.  The administrator can prohibit or allow downloading, as well as customize the folder with logos, colors, domain names and background images.

For example, a wedding videographer can allow clients to download or view files online, by simply dragging the video to the Pogoplug's hard drive.  No waiting for the file to upload to a sharing site. Viewable files can be shared over the web while preventing them from being downloaded. Web View is available for videographers who want to show clients previews of work but not allow them to download the files.

The PogoPlug Biz offers usage statistics and auditing, as well as mobile printing. Print from any mobile device, including the iPhone and iPad. Print to any printer connected to Pogoplug from anywhere.

Another new feature for business is Active Copy, which mirrors selected folders or files to other Pogoplugs (Biz or standard models). This allows automatic off-premise backups to hard drives at another local. Users can continuously mirror all or part of a Pogoplug's storage to a second Pogoplug in a remote location.

With Pogoplug Biz, Cloud Engines has created a product ideal for videographers. The price of the device is $299 with lifetime Pogoplug online service.