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Comrex Provides ACCESS For Cellular Service Bonding

ImageComrex has unveiled version 4.0 of its ACCESS software, which includes CrossLock, a new feature included that provides video journalists with an added capability for cellular service bonding, allowing multiple networks to be used simultaneously. In addition to network bonding, the user can configure multiple networks for redundancy mode, which is a better choice for reliability on higher bandwidth links. Additionally, forward error correction (FEC) and other ACCESS reliability tools are included with the firmware.

With ACCESS's portable user interface and wide variety of encoders that set the standard for innovative remote broadcasting equipment, ACCESS 4.0 enables higher quality, lower latency, and improved stability from even more locations.

Comrex also markets its LiveShot version 1.4.1. With the introduction of LiveShot firmware 1.4.1, LiveShots now interact using a peer-to-peer model, making it easier and more efficient to configure LiveShot connections. LiveShot 1.4.1 is also more closely related to Comrex's Switchboard server, meaning that users will no longer need to memorize unit IP addresses to connect a fleet of LiveShots. LiveShot delivers high-quality, low-latency video and audio over a range of IP networks. Capable of providing two-way media simultaneously even over challenging networks, LiveShot provides return video, two IFB returns, and director/camera PL. At only three pounds, LiveShot is versatile enough for a range of applications.

To learn more about Comrex or its product offerings, visit

Comrex products include: ACCESS 2USB and Rack, firmware version 4.0 for ACCESS, LiveShot (Comrex's video-over-IP acquisition and distribution tool), VH2 (a new VoIP two-line hybrid), Fleet Commander (multiple codec management software), STAC VIP, and BRIC-Link II.