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Research: RTDNA salary survey

ImageNewsroom salary highlights: TV salaries gain ground, not radio; winners and losers and starting pay; who is under contract... The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that local television news salaries rose by 1.9% in 2014. That's up by 0.3 from a year ago, and with inflation an extremely low 1.6%, that means that TV news salaries gained slightly in purchasing power last year. The spread of 0.3 this year at least beats the 0.1 difference a year ago.

Chicago's ABC-7 First to Use Drone In Live Newscast

ImageLast month Chicago videographer Colin Hinkle was granted FAA approval to fly his drone commercially, opening the door for Hinkle to finally use the technology with local news channels where he has worked as a freelance shooter. And last week Hinkle got the call for his first live assignment, an aerial video of the Bloomingdale Trail, a $90 million project to turn part of the old Bloomingdale Rail Line into a 2.5 mile long park. It's a breathtaking view of the trail, and it marks a monumental moment in drone news coverage.

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